Subj: New 4/2/01 - 350,000 Targeted Biz Opportunity Seekers # 39B
Date: 4/2/2001 3:22:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (List Source)

********* NEW LIST JUST RELEASED 04/02/2001 *********

Dear Fellow Online Entrepreneur,

Why so down? Let me guess. You have joined multiple
business opportunities and have used every promotional
tool you know of, but you still aren't seeing any
results. Chances are you haven't been promoting to the
right people. You may think that you are, but if your
ads aren't reaching your target market then you might
not be! There's no way you'll reach your full sales
potential unless you're selling to your target market!

So, now you have the key to your businesses success.
Reach your target market. This sounds simple enough,
but do you really know how to seek out these
individuals? Do you know where to find the people that
want to hear about the opportunity that you have to
offer them? NO? You really don't know ... don't worry
... WE DO!!!! We've been finding these people for over
3 years ... it's all we do!

Our company SPECIALIZES in seeking out and finding
individuals who are interested in the work at home and
business opportunity field. These are AMAZING LEADS
that can boost your PROFITS by thousands of dollars,
virtually overnight! We don't sell lists for anything
else because specialization ensures that we find only
the highest quality leads available!

Our e-mails lists are the MOST AFFORDABLE you will find
for deliverable, current, fresh, opportunity seekers
anywhere on the net! We have high quality standards! We
clean our lists on a DAILY basis so your message only
gets to people who are in your target market! This is
not an opt-in list, but few are. What this list is
however, is the BEST opportunity for you to make
hundreds or even thousands of sales!

You may see other lists selling on the internet for as
low as $5.00, but how good do you really think that a
list you only paid $5.00 for is going to be. Those
companies are out to make their money in volume -
that's why they sell so cheap. So chances are by the
time you even get the list, 100 other people will have
those same exact leads. Trust me, when looking for
quality leads, you don't want a $5.00 list.

With the great leads that we have to offer you and the
fabulous business that you are wanting to promote - the
results can be amazing! Just imagine, if you used our
BEST LIST (which sells for under $100) containing over
340,000 targeted leads, with just a 1% response rate,
you would make well over 3400 SALES! That's simply

Get Started Now! Visit One Of Our Websites!

( if one site is down please try the others )
( we remove some sites so we don't oversell )

********* NEW LIST JUST RELEASED 04/02/2001 *********

10,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $25.00
25,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $35.00
50,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $65.00
100,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $85.00

************ ULTIMATE MONEY SAVING DEAL! *************

350,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $99.00

BONUS! We are now including a free, registered copy of
Express Mail Server with each order of 25,000 email
addresses or more. This is not a trial of Express Mail
Server, it's the full program! A $200 Value!

Thanks for your valuable time!
The List Source

P.S. This is a limited time offer! We refuse to
oversell our lists because our reputation means too
much to us. If you want in on this deal you must act
now! The names that are available today could be gone

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Source please press reply and type REMOVE in the SUBJECT area.
You will be removed from ALL List Source future emailings. If you
have additional e-mail address, other  than the e-mail address
the letter was sent to, that you want removed, please include
those addresses in the body of the remove e-mail. 

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