High Pressure Shower Head Reviews

The Hansgrohe Clubmaster hand held has some exceptionally small jets, similar to the Flipside that make up the outermost ring of the head. To combat the clogging problem each jet is cleaned by a small plastic pin that pokes through the jet every time you rotate the head to change the setting. This bit of technology is intriguing but the stream felt like soft rain and didnít seem functional enough for cleaning.

The Moen Nature Three Function head comes in at only 175 gpm, the lowest of the bunch. The jets have silicone tips so they are easy to clean and resist hard water build up. The head has a good range of motion and the tab on the side of the face allows you to easily switch between the settings.  There arenít any remarkable features to this head. Itís sort of ugly, and the settings donít give much variety. But the water consumption intrigued me and thatís why I initially bought it for myself about 6 months ago. So how does Moen achieve such a low flow? This head uses aeration, a process in which ambient air is sucked into the head and pushed out with the water. The goal is to use the air to break up the water droplets creating a spray and making less water feel like more. But what if the air in your bathroom is freezing cold? Then it stands to reason that the cold air would chill the water and you would have to turn up the heat of your shower in order to compensate. This does not make for a more efficient shower.

The Peerless 76950 has the same 2-in-1 functionality as the In2ition. It has 4 settings, which is more than the Moen Nature. And unlike the In2ition it has silicone tipped jets for easy cleaning. It has over 600 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4 stars but when I tried to make the purchase it was on back order. I couldnít find it for sale anywhere else online so I called Peerless to order directly from them. To my surprise the automated message thanked me for calling Delta customer support. A brief conversation with a customer representative reveled that Peerless is owned by Delta but does not use the same H2OKinetic technology. It also turns out the the 769503 model was discontinued because it failed to stay below the maximum flow rate of 2.5gppm (even though thatís what it claims to be on Amazon).

We also tested some of the Vortex Fixed Shower Head from Oxygenics. Although we loved the mist setting and the fact that it offers a full 8 different spray settings, itís just too cumbersome to recommend. Installation is difficult and somewhat awkward, and the water stream is loudóvery, very loud, loud enough to drown out any music in the bathroom. And despite the wide variety of stream settings, theyíre arranged in no logical order, skipping from massage spray, to trickle, to needle, to mist. Itís not pleasant to run through all of those, getting a surprise each time. And there was no one setting that was good for a generic shower, for both rinsing your hair and washing your faceóand switching between s settings throughout your shower is the exact opposite of a relaxing experience.

This dual shower head by Speak man was recommended to me by a friend. The shower heads donít really create sense of heavy flow like the main Delta pick, even if the total flow rating is 5 gallons per minute (if your water pressure can keep up with it). At $179, with no wand, Iíd definitely pass.

We looked at something with a fixed head for $59 called the Delta RP--70172, but with a 2.0-gallon-per-minute rating, it felt less or more powerful than our budget pick, although its spread was wider. Iíd just go for the budget pick and skip the wand.

Delta also has a $42 wand-only model with H2OKinetic tech, but it is also limited to 2.0 gallons per minute.  It also stands very tall on its mount and is made out of a lot of plastic. We didnít like its feel, spread, or flow nearly as much as the fixed head model, but if you need a wand and this is your budget, you should go with our handheld choice Delta 9-Spray Shower Mount for the same price and better gallons-per-minute flow rate.