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Don't be taken in by those headline advertisements promising you
instant riches as a Circular Mailer! It just doesn't work that

Full page, 8 1/2 x 11 circulars are meant to call attention to a
special offer, and are best used as a "follow-up ride along" when
you acknowledge or send out an order. When used in this manner,
and with just a "smattering of marketing imagination", circulars
will really bring in the profits for you. However, don't expect
to make any real money by sending out circulars per say, either
one to an envelope or half dozen or more at a time.

If you've got a number of good circulars and you're into direct
mail, arrange them into a "catalog of offers" and go full bore as
a catalog mailer. I must caution you, however, to be sure that
everyone else in mail order isn't doing the same thing with the
same circulars.

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A Living Trust is the Cure for the Agony of Probate. Don't Let Them Steal Your Children's Inheritance! The law has provided everyone with a magic key to probate exemption, it's called "inter vivos trust" or a "living trust".  With a Living Trust, you can pass on your assets to your spouse or children or other heirs in entirety - without delay, and without the lawyers, administrators, courts, or the appraisers skimming off from the top.
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One of the easiest ways of making extra money is with a camera. More people own cameras than radios, and photography is the fastest growing hobby in the world. Yet using a camera as an extra income tool is largely overlooked!

With a little imagination, a flair for showmanship, and just a hint of salesmanship, the average man or woman, or even teenager, can easily make an extra $300 a week with his camera.

You don't have to have one of the popular, more expensive cameras either, or a loot of high priced attachments and equipment. In many instances, a Polaroid or other "off-the-wall" camera will suit the purposes perfectly. The only special piece of extra equipment you may want to invest in would be a tripod for mounting the camera in certain situations.

One of the easiest ideas is to visit a children's clothing store in one of your busy shopping centers, or the children's department in one of your large department stores. Sell the manager or store owner on the idea of your setting up in a corner of the store or department, and taking pictures of the shoppers' children. He can promote the fact that you'll be in the store taking pictures for special prices during certain hours - perhaps on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays - in his advertising, thus drawing patrons into his store because of you.

You'll need a sheet or a plain piece of material, or some sort of imaginative set for a background. But this you can easily make or build yourself. You should also have an eye-catching poster that calls attention to what you're doing and the prices you're charging. Unless you're a commercial artist, spend the money to have this sign made for you by a professional. The next and last thing you'll need will be a 2-part receipt or coupon.

This can be a simple piece of paper about 2" wide by 5" long. On the left side draw lines for your customers to fill in their name, telephone number and address. You might also want to include space for additional information such as the child's name and age and the number of children in the family, for future efforts, but keep it brief and simple.